Public Involvement


We help keep Florida’s growing population
moving safely and efficiently.

Our firm is located in the Northwest Florida city of Pensacola and we understand that traffic engineering and planning means more than traffic lights and pavement. It means the safety of the pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists who travel the roadways.

At EPR-Florida, we keep safety top of mind when blending the need for efficient traffic flow, keeping the impact on the environment to a minimum and meeting the expectations of travelers (because when travelers feel safe and confident, traffic flows smoothly. Throw in the unexpected and they become confused, slow down and often make mistakes).

For these reasons, EPR combines:

Traffic Engineering & Traffic Planning with Public Involvement… to provide comprehensive services which temper federal, state and local transportation standards with the needs and expectations of the people who are impacted by the traffic flow decisions that are made.

EPR and its staff have great depth of experience in:

• Community Planning
• Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning
• Long Range Transportation Planning
• Traffic Engineering Analysis and Design
• Parking Studies
• Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
• Innovative Public Involvement
• Geometric Design
• Stormwater Studies and Design
• Site Design

Contact us at (850) 471-9579 to schedule a free consultation.

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