University Of West Florida Master Plan

Client: Escambia County/UWF

Summary: University Masterplan Update

Detailed Activities:

  • Traffic Data Collection – For EPR to develop the traffic analysis, available information on the county and the university’s transportation system was gathered. This information included prior studies, existing plans and policies impacting transportation in Escambia County and UWF , turning movement count and 24- hour counts.
  • Inventory Collection – The purpose of this task was to inventory and analyze UWF and the Escambia County transportation and land use network using information and databases provided by the University and the county; the information was used in capacity and forecasting analyses.
  • Travel Forecasts – This task includes preparing traffic projections for planning years representing the UWF’s recent Campus Master Plan update and Escambia County’s latest land use projections. The projections reflected historic and projected growth potential in the study area, expected growth in through traffic, and specific university developments such as the West Campus Development, Campus Hotel and Conference Center, and planned sports facilities.

UWF Master PlanUWF Masterplan Update/Traffic Element, Escambia County: EPR prepared traffic impact calculations for levels of proposed development and/or changes in enrollment for the current and planning year. The calculations included private and public proposals for development of the West Campus Development and the Conference Center Concept Plan. Those calculations were provided to better understand the specific mitigations associated with the UWF Campus Master Plan Update.

The traffic analysis included the following: The traffic analysis included the following: Site trip generation and distribution determination/LOS Roadway Impact Analysis for roadway segments within the radius of influence/Peak hour (AM/PM) turning movement counts/Capacity analysis for all segments over capacity and within the radius of influence/Intersection analysis of specific intersections.


Due to that recognition, EPR has been selected to serve on several engineering service and policy planning organizations such as:

Orange County Urban
Design Board Commission

Florida-Alabama TPO
Technical Coordination Committee

Northwest Florida Regional
TPO Technical Coordination

and more.

Through our staff’s knowledge and background with local municipalities, EPR has a unique understanding of the: Florida TRIP program, Senate Bill 360 and the Fair Share Mitigation Act.



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