Olive Road Corridor Study

Client: Escambia County

Summary: Corridor Study

Detailed Activities:
Traffic Element for the Olive Road Corridor Study – Conducted and submitted a complete traffic element for the Olive Road Corridor Study

Olive Rd Corridor StudyOlive Road Corridor Study Traffic Element:
EPR provided the traffic analysis for the Olive Road West Corridor. Olive Road, a primary east-west arterial through Escambia County, is a two-lane undivided corridor traversing mid-length through the County east to west. Olive Road (from Old Palafox Highway (SR 290) to Scenic Highway (SR 10A_ US90)) is approximately 5.5 miles long and is intersected by more than forty (40) minor local roads, one major county road and three (3) state roadways. The work effort included identifying existing and future roadway deficiencies and recommending improvements to address them. In particular, the traffic analysis documented the following: existing traffic volumes along Olive Road (SR 290) (from Davis Highway to Scenic); identified existing safety, geometric, and capacity deficiencies on the East Olive Road corridor in year 2009; projected deficiencies on East Olive Road in a forecast year (2017) based on manually projected traffic growth rates and anticipated land use changes; and offered alternative concepts for roadway improvements and access management to address the identified deficiencies on East Olive Road. Comparing each alternative’s traffic operational performance was also included in the analysis.


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