Wedgewood Management Planning Process

Download Project PDFClient: Escambia County, FL

Summary: Management Planning Process

Detailed Activities:

  • Public Involvement Plan – Created a comprehensive public involvement plan, including all strategic and tactical elements.
  • Project Communications – Employ multiple project marketing methods in order to broadcast the most recent project information to as many of the targeted stakeholders as possible.
  • Public Workshops – Facilitated all workshops for the project.  Work included logistical coordination for public workshops, notification of all stakeholders, staffing, and providing the trainers for all activities. Created all display and meeting materials including training documentation, power point presentation, handouts, comment sheets, invitation, press releases, etc.
  • Comment Documentation – Provided complete documentation of all written and verbal comments, analysis of meeting attendance, summary of meeting as well as provided meeting materials.

EPR is providing technical assistance and training to assist a new non-profit community based organization in managing a 15,000 square foot community center and park. The training includes partnerships with community-based organizations, non-profit corporations, and local agencies to ensure that the community has knowledge of local support programs EPR is using open, inclusive, and participatory approaches to planning and development to make certain that the community group can financially and socially support the community center.

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