Pinestead – Longleaf PD&E

Download Project PDFClient: Escambia County

Summary: PD&E Study for a proposed Corridor – managed under a FDOT JPA

Detailed Activities:

  • Public Involvement Plan – Work with the project team to create a comprehensive public involvement plan, including all strategic and tactical elements.
  • Demographic Study – Conduct a demographic study to appropriately identify each of the audiences who have a stake in the Pinestead Longleaf Project.
  • Project Communications – Employ multiple project marketing methods in order to broadcast the most recent project information to as many of the targeted stakeholders as possible.
  • Media Campaign – Support project communications efforts through the formulation and implementation of a media relations campaign.
  • Public Workshops and Hearing – Support project team in logistical coordination for public workshops. Create support materials including handouts, comment sheets, invitation, press releases, required FDOT notification documents, etc.
  • Comment Documentation – Provided complete documentation of all written and verbal comments, analysis of meeting attendance , summary of meeting as well as provided meeting materials.

Pinestead-Longleaf PD&E, Escambia County: EPR was part of the public involvement team for a proposed 2-mile bypass PD&E study. The proposed improvements include design of a proposed corridor, initiation and implementation of a neighborhood improvement plan, review of sound walls, improvements to a local bridge, adjustment of local neighborhood roads, widening and improvement of neighborhood sidewalks and right-of-way review. EPR’s Public coordination effort included working with the project team to create a comprehensive public involvement plan, including all strategic and tactical elements, determining which neighborhoods would be affected by proposed design, determined which households to be notified, locating and notifying interested homeowner associations and community organizations. In addition to ensuring public notification involved city, county and FDOT officials were notified and attended were possible. Meeting sites that were convenient to the interested public were provided. In addition to general meetings, individual meetings with local HOA and community leaders were conducted to stress the importance of community involvement. Project innovations: using ethnic media sources to ensure complete communication to minority neighborhoods, one-on-one meetings with community leaders to detail the design process, as well, as the importance of public involvement and organizing meeting space that was convenient for residents without reliable transportation. Project success: Due to media outreach, one-on-one coordination and project team coordination the project enjoyed wellattended and positive public workshops.

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