PD&E Study for a Realigned Corridor

Download Project PDFClient: Escambia County, FL

Summary: PD&E Study for a Realigned Corridor – managed under a FDOT JPA

Detailed Activities:

  • Project Communications – Employ multiple project marketing methods in order to broadcast the most recent project information to as many of the targeted stakeholders as possible.
  • Media Campaign – Support project communications efforts through the formulation and implementation of a media relations campaign.
  • Public Workshops and Hearing – Support project team in logistical coordination for public workshops. Create support materials including handouts, comment sheets, invitations, press releases,etc.
  • Comment Documentation – Provided complete documentation of all written and verbal comments, analysis of meeting attendance, summary of meeting as well as provided meeting materials.

Burgess Road PD&E, Escambia County:  EPR was part of the public involvement team for proposed corridor realignment.   EPR’s Public Project tasks included stakeholder identification and notification, meeting coordination, media notification, development of selected materials for the workshops and logistics.

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