Airway Drainage & Sidewalk Design

Download Project PDFClient: Escambia County, FL

Summary: Drainage and Sidewalk Design Project

Detailed Activities:

  • Public Involvement Plan – Created a comprehensive public involvement plan, including all strategic and tactical elements.
  • Demographic Study – Conduct a demographic study to appropriately identify each of the audiences who have a stake in the project.
  • Project Communications – Employ multiple project marketing methods in order to broadcast the most recent project information to as many of the targeted stakeholders as possible.
  • Public Workshops – Facilitated all public meeting for the project. Support project team in logistical coordination for public workshops. Created all display and meeting materials including presentation, handouts, comment sheets, invitation, press releases, required FDOT notification documents, etc.
  • Comment Documentation – Provided complete meeting documentation.

EPR was the public involvement coordinator for the Airway Sidewalk and Drainage Improvement Project in Escambia County, Florida. The objective of the Public Involvement activities is, through need assessments and forums, to assure involvement of key stakeholders at a level that encourages the development of mutually acceptable solutions that promote citizen ownership. EPR was also tasked to receive process and remit public comments regarding the location of proposed sidewalks and drainage improvements and develop the materials for public information workshops and one on one meeting. Additional activities include: determining which neighborhoods would be affected, interviewing students and parents from the local school, establishing consensus, reviewing and assessing meeting sites, determining effective notification mediums and updating County staff. The workshops that were conducted consisted of presentation boards, a continuous PowerPoint presentation and informational handouts.

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