EPR Hires Randy Fuller As Their New Meeting Facilitator and Assistant Marketing Director

Randy Fuller - EPR's Assistant Marketing Director and Public Facilitator

EPR’s Assistant Marketing Director and Public Facilitator

With over 30 years of public speaking and community service, Mr. Fuller has been a facilitator for public involvement meetings and presented to small groups and to groups of over 3,000 attendees. Mr. Fuller has also overseen the designing/planning of the meeting setup and layout and interviewed numerous attendees. For the past 6 years, Mr. Fuller has expanded his community outreach involvement efforts to include the deaf and hard of hearing and can communicate effectively in American Sign Language at a volunteer public-speaker level. Mr. Fuller has also been involved in the training and teaching of public speakers for the past 6 years.

Adding to his skills as a public speaker and facilitator, his experience in Drafting & Design Engineering, as well as his involvement in the construction field for many years as both a volunteer contractor and inspector, provides him a broad knowledgebase that is critical for the facilitation of clear communication between private, commercial and governmental developers and the public. His knowledge of field data collection and assimilation of such data into projects/plans, and the clear presentation of such information has helped solidify community cohesion and agreement on numerous projects. Mr. Fuller has worked with both private, commercial and governmental developers in the design and planning of parks, buildings and parking areas.

We are excited to welcome Randy Fuller to the EPR family.

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